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Pure 14K Gold Bracelet
Pure 14K Gold Bracelet Pure 14K Gold Bracelet Pure 14K Gold Bracelet Pure 14K Gold Bracelet Pure 14K Gold Bracelet Pure 14K Gold Bracelet Pure 14K Gold Bracelet
  • Pure 14K Gold Bracelet

  • item No : 14k001
  • Brand: ErosJewelry

    Material: 14kgold

    Design: heart 

    Finish: Brand new
    Price range: 80$-90$
    Shipping Freight:35$
    Payment Ways:Paypal(5percent hand fee is customer side pay)/Western Union (every transction hand fee need 5$-10$/time)
    Applicable gender: Female

    Whether in stock: in stock 13+1.5+1.5cm and 15.5+1.5+1.5cm

    Other hand size haven't in stock need custom,costom time need 7-10days

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Detailed description

Size : very fine, about 1.1mm thick chain, about 5*4.6mm heart

Two kinds of length: 13 cm +1.5 cm +1.5 cm (13, 14.5, 16 cm three can buckle, suitable for the wrist less than 15 cm pro);
15.5cm + 1.5cm + 1.5cm (15.5cm, 17, 18.5cm can be buckled at three places, suitable for lovers with wrists less than 17.5cm)

Hold a chestnut: if wrist ZUI fine place is 14.5 centimeters, wear 13+1.5+1.5cm word about buckle to 16 centimeters place, won't how loose (like to compare stick close to the close of wrist can choose this size), wear 15.5+1.5+1.5cm word buckle to 17 centimeters place will be more loose and comfortable (like loose hang to hand back can choose this size). If the wrist is 15 cm or above, we suggest to choose 15.5+1.5+1.5cm, the short style is not wearable, or the hard buckle will be tight.

Color : light gold

Description  : A little special bracelet, the chain is as usual flat O flash chain, connected to the middle of a miniature pin shape, the other half of a pendant a light plate small heart, engraved with You&I, have "I put you together" meaning. The tail of this one is a long oval piece, which is also very nice.

Fine chain, please pay attention to some when wearing, do not pull, take a bath to prevent the towel to tear ~

Maintenance:Pure 14K gold (14K gold is a metal containing 58.5percent and 24K gold), is not gold-plated or gold-plated, will not fade, of course, over time will also oxidize, with toothpaste or detergent wash bright. Rinse with water and detergent to keep the shine. When not wearing them, wash them and dry them with paper towels before sealing them.

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