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  • Emerald Ring

  • item No : ER001
  • the case is claw set, contracted and transparent design, suit the stone of different shape, different size, processing cost is probably $160- $250, add advocate stone is total cost.
    Almost everyone has a simple claw to express different attitudes in different forms.
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Detailed description

 New customers must see, Old customers can ignore...

1.> our dominant product is recycled emerald(aslo call Laboratory grown emerald)

It is formed by natural crystallization of natural mineral components in an artificial environment

Gemstone composition, characteristics and natural fundamentals

You can't find a better product of this kind on the market at present

We have the honor to import a large number of raw materials before the production, cutting and grinding in WuZhou

Inventory and prices are particularly advantageous, the focus of the recommendation!

2.> jewelry, attitude is so important

My request is to treat each piece as high-end jewelry

Pay attention to beauty, texture, craftsmanship and every detail

- For a thoughtful service, senior master seiko Mosaic

3.> customization process is not complicated

Communicate style, select gem, then do cost budget, pay, enter production link

The construction period is about 10-15 working days, and the complicated design takes a long time

4. > model is not limited

You can refer to our customized case, can also be customized to the map

As long as the craft allows, the beauty is OK, as far as possible to help you achieve the desire

Must fully communicate before placing an order oh, avoid the repeated modification after placing an order

Return and exchange is not supported after customization

5.> gems can be selected by yourself or by contacting customer service

Matching diamond or mulberry diamond, depending on style and cost budget

Gold is available in 18K/14K/10K/9K, white, yellow and rose gold

6.> cost is calculated by actual, do not need bargain 

Total cost = main stone cost + processing cost

The price is the approximate budget of processing fee, and the total cost budget is the main stone

The main stone is different, the processing material dosage is different, the cost is also different

Jewelcrafting is complicated and familiar to experts

You follow your heart, rigorous things to us!

Know More pls add my whatsapp inquiry me: +8618507748441

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