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What are the differences and similarities between moissanite and natural diamonds

Moissanite diamond also known as Moissanite stone, is now the best substitute for diamond, scientific name is synthetic carbon silica, is a kind of synthetic high quality gemstone.

Natural moissanite aerolite found in the crater, so the scientists studying the gem, found it very good character, features close to or similar to those of diamond, then later synthetic the gems, synthetic out more excellent in terms of clarity, color and carat weight, become to moissanite now sell like hot cakes.

The price of moissanite diamond is actually only one percent of the natural diamond, also has a high hardness, more flashing fire color, higher cost performance, both external appearance and internal physical properties, are better than other diamond substitutes, cubic zirconia and glass can not be compared. So the difference between moissanite and natural diamond or there are a lot of, the following small series on the summary of moissanite diamond and natural diamond common points and differences, all aspects of comparison between the two.

Moissanite and Diamond

Moissanite is the combination of carbon and silicon two minerals through cultivation, the production process is not simple, its cultivation process is high risk, relatively long time, low yield, moissanite drilling scientific name: synthetic carbon silica or synthetic silicon carbide. Natural diamonds are carbon minerals that grow naturally underground, and their yield is extremely low, which is why diamonds are so expensive!

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond fire color, the dispersion value of natural diamond is 0.044, Moissanite is 0.104, the higher the dispersion value of fire color is stronger, in the same clarity, color, polishing, moissanite fire color is stronger than a lot of diamonds, looks more shine.

The difference between the density of moissanite and natural diamond is 3.22 and 3.52. Generally the same cut and the size of the surface of the moissanite weight than a few lighter, in turn the same carat weight and cut, moissanite is a bit larger. This one does not say who is better, density is not small, also cannot say density is bigger had better, still have a person to like mesa to show big.

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond hardness, moissanite is 9.25,natural diamond is 10. This is not as hard as natural diamond, but the Moissanite is also hard enough, you think only natural diamond can scratch moissanite , is also no problem of safety, I believe they will not have a strong collision chance.

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond property, thermal conductivity, has a strong thermal conductivity, with the measuring pen to measure both can be over, there is electrical conductivity, about 80percent moissanite has electrical conductivity, natural diamond conductive only blue-gray IIb diamond. It has little to do with what we wear.

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond clarity: The moissanite inclusions are usually in parallel white filaments, and the good moson is pure inside, i.e., no inclusions.natural diamonds under 10 x magnification have to be at least internally flawless high rated VVS1 and above, but are rare on the market.

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond price: this is the most exaggerated, but also reasonable, diamonds are natural, moissanite is synthetic, the price is only 30$ -100$, moissanite price only about one percent of the diamond, a carat quality good diamond, wholesale price about 4500$, and a carat quality very good moissanite wholesale as long as 45$, not very good quality may be about 20$. 

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond: the source is different, one natural and one synthetic. Moissanite are synthetic and can be obtained in the laboratory through a series of experiments, but the synthetic rough stone also has to be cut and polished, the diamond is similar, the later cut and polished also affect the quality of moissanite. Ordinary natural diamonds, on the other hand, need to be explored at diamond sites, developed, screened, cut, polished and polished.

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond: natural diamond has a refractive index of 2.417 and a moissanite has a refractive index of 2.648-2.691. Since natural diamonds are single-refracting stones, there is no way to see a double image with 10 x magnification. Under the 10 times the magnifying glass observation, however, due to the double folding rate 0.043 moissanite, viewed from the crown can be seen after facet of double ridge, is to look at the opposite edge through the gem into double line, but there's a myth is a jewelry professional knowledge, is to avoid the optical axis direction observation, because there will be no birefringent optical axis direction, so you can find a few more direction to see more, so long as has the birefringence is certainly not natural diamond, may be the moissanite.

The difference of lustre of moissanite and natural diamond, the decision burnish is still index of refraction, the index of refraction of Moissanite is slightly higher, and later polishing also affects burnish, both are diamond burnish, burnish is about the same.

The difference between moissanite and natural diamond optical property,natural diamond is equiaxial crystal system, light homogeneous body, also must be no birefringence, no polychromatic. Moissanite is a hexagonal crystal system, one axis positive light, heterogeneous body, with large birefringence, generally belongs to colorless gemstone series, without polychromatic properties.

Moissanite and natural diamond are same oil-repellent, so it is easier to oil, so it will affect the gloss, long-term cooking friends, believe that it is natural diamond or moissanite, will be polluted by lampblack, should be cleaned regularly.

Through above to moissanite and natural diamond difference and contrast analysis, The beauty of the moissanite is no less than that of the natural diamond, I believe that moissanite will be recognized by more people, after all, the price was only one percent of the natural diamond, if your economic conditions don't allow you to buy a big carat diamond, it bought a one carat moissanite wear, also can appreciate the beauty of similar natural diamonds.:;)

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