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About us

We focus on export Moissanite,Lab Create/Grown Diamond/Emerald/Sapphire/ruby/Alexanderite/Morganite ,

all kinds of synthetic gemstonees and all kinds of natural gemstones etc and jewelry.

Dear Customer,
We would like to take this opportunity to thanks you for showing interest in our products and services.
We have been in the business for over 5 years now and we deal with wide range of gemstones and jewelry.
Please find the highlights below that will help you to understand our business:
Stock Availability:
As a growing business, we strive hard to keep all sizes and shapes in stock.
We continuously work in close with our customers and their day-to-day needs.
If you are desperate for something, gems/jewelry, please send us the list (SKU CODE) of the gems/jewelry you need immediately.
Please note that due to heavy demand from our  customers, we can reserve your gems/jewelry for up to 2 hrs maximum,
if we don’t receive any order afterwards, we will remove the hold on gems/jewelry.
Items not on our Website:
If you are looking for some gems/jewelry, that are not listed on our website, please send us the list via email and we will get back to you
within 1 hr.Please note that we consider every request from our customer to make sure they get what they need.
For items not listed on website, we can arrange  within 4-7 working days.
Items not in stock:
We, as a wholesale business, sell items online, over the phone, in-store and we even supply to our workshops.
As such there will be some cases where our website will show the part in stock when it has actually been sold or used.
We usually update stock levels online at the end of the day.
In case you have placed an order, and we don’t have the items in stock, we will send you email notification specifying items that are out of stock.
We will arrange these items within 3-5 working days and despatch them once received. If you prefer a refund please advise us

and we will be happy to process.Your patience is highly appreciated.

Know more can add my whatsapp/wechat :+8618507748441/ email to me:jellygem@foxmail.com, I will reply you as soon as possible.

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